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Sajiero Postpartum Girdle Support Postnatal Postpregnancy C Section Belt

Sajiero Postpartum Girdle Support Postnatal Postpregnancy C Section Belt

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POSTPERTUM SUPPORT BELT is a type of physical therapy to strengthen and tone weak stomach muscles. It's often helpful for postpartum women, whose ab muscles get stretched out during pregnancy. l Over the course of pregnancy, your abdominal muscles and the surrounding connective tissue stretch to accommodate your growing baby. Unfortunately, they don't just snap back into shape a few weeks after you give birth, It can take months to recover. So we design maternity belts recovery that can speed up recovery from surgery or postpartum. 

➤ Speed up recovery from surgery or postpartum.
➤ Back back curved design make it more fit your body curve.
➤ Medical grade fabric would not irritate your tender incision after surgery.➤ Build-in boning help with the lower back pain and provide core muscles support 
➤ The elastic straps provides right compression to help shrink down the postpartum belly.

Allow you to control all your curves to achieve a super sexy, bold look without sacrificing comfort. You really can own this postpartum belly binder which you can wear it under just about anything! Give it a try today and see what millions of women around the world are calling the devil figure shaper.

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